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Techxonn has professionals with more than 17 years of experience in many areas of computer science. We work on projects of a high technical level, providing solutions to complex problems with quick executions.

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Software Engineering

Our engineers provide intelligent solutions to complex problems in record time, we work hand in hand in your offices for the necessary time. Once the solution is found, we assign the team of developers that will work remotely on your project, you will always have direct access to them.

Process Automation

We do not like the "monkey work". Nowadays, the competitiveness standard requires replacing many of the human management tasks with machine automation processes that allow its employees to focus on growing the business. We know how to make the machines work for us.

Machine to Machine (M2M)

B2B business relationships increasingly need more integration between systems. What for some companies is a complex project, for us it's a very simple task. We are specialists in middlewares, API/Webservices integrations, migrations, batch imports and big data feeds/sets.

IA/Machine Learning

The introduction of this type of technology is very scary for some medium-sized companies. Well, we can assure you that these projects are not so complex when you know the necessary tools. We can help you start and understand where and when to use it. Simple is best.

Bot/Crawling Design

Internet is an inexhaustible source of information and many times we do not know where or how to search. We have designed many spiders and bots that do that work for us. Always making good use of them, we respect the hacker ethic.

Web/App Development

Of course, we have developed hundreds of web pages and mobile applications of all kinds, these are the simplest projects for us. We enjoy implementing the latest technologies and offering our clients the highest quality projects in record time.

Areas of Expertise

Gateways and Payment
Logistic and Warehouse
Supply Chain
Stock Optimization
BI Data Reporting
eCommerce Automations
Online Gaming Platforms

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"The speed of technological evolution requires commitment in the pursuit of excellence in software development. And this is something that affects all areas of the process. That's my job."

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Javi de Ulacia Founder / CEO

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